Remove formatting from Srt subtitles

This tool cleans srt files, removing html tags and other formatting.

Select subtitles to clean

Supported subtitle formats: srt

Cleaning srt files

Srt subtitles sometimes contain style formatting tags. Unfortunately, many video players don't support formatting and display them as plain text. Examples of formatting are italic <i></i>, bold <b></b> or colored text <font></font>. This tool strips all html formatting that is contained in angle brackets.

The cleaner also converts the file to UTF-8 text encoding, the cues will be sorted based on their start time, and duplicate or empty cues will be removed.

Other formatting tags

This tool also removes all effects that are leftover when converting a subtitle format to srt. Most notably, it removes formatting effects contained in curly brackets (eg: {\f4}) which come from substation alpha subtitles. The srt converter tool will properly remove these effects when converting to srt, but many other tools available online do not.