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Remove html tags and other formatting from srt files.

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About cleaning srt files

Srt subtitles sometimes contain HTML style formatting tags. Unfortunately, many video players don't support formatting and display them as plain text. Examples of formatting are italic <i></i>, bold <b></b> or colored text <font></font>.

This tool strips all html formatting that is contained in angle brackets. It can also remove song text and lyrics.

The cleaner also converts the file to UTF-8 text encoding, the cues will be sorted based on their start time, and duplicate or empty cues will be removed.

Cleaning hearing-impaired subtitles

Subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, or SDH subtitles for short, are subtitles that include descriptions of sounds and music. They also have speaker labels that show who is talking when that isn't visually clear. The remove SDH option turns SDH subtitles into regular subtitles by removing all SDH elements from the text.

The strip speaker labels option is also useful when working with SDH subtitles. This option is included in the remove SDH option, but you can use it separately if you'd like. It removes the name of the speaker from the beginning of lines. In a dialogue cue, any uppercase text before a colon (:) is considered a speaker label. For example, a cue containing the text "GEORGE: The summer of George!" will be changed to "-The summer of George!".

Remove watermarks

The remove watermarks option removes all watermarks from the subtitle. This includes names of who created the subtitles, links to websites, email addresses, and invitations to follow facebook pages.

If you find any watermarks that aren't removed, or if you notice that it removes something that isn't a watermark, please let me know.

Fix subtitles with uppercase text

Some subtitles have some or all of their text in uppercase. The "fix uppercase text" option changes all uppercase subtitle text to lowercase. This option tries to intelligently capitalize words that should start with a capital letter, such as names of people, cities and countries.

Only cues that are fully uppercase will be changed, any cues that aren't in uppercase will be left unchanged.

Other formatting tags

This tool also removes all effects that are leftover when converting a subtitle format to srt. Most notably, it removes formatting effects contained in curly brackets (eg: {\f4}) which come from substation alpha subtitles.