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About .sup files

Sup subtitles are a type of subtitle commonly used on Blu-rays, HD DVDs and normal DVDs. The official name for these subtitles is PGS, which stands for Presentation Graphic Stream.

Most normal types of subtitles contain plain text, but sup subtitles contain images of text instead. This is why these subtitles are also commonly called subpictures.

Using images instead of actual text has some benefits: when displaying the subtitles your device can simply display the image of text. With sup subtitles you'll never have issues with text encoding or missing fonts for exotic languages.

Using images also has downsides: the filesize is way bigger than it has to be, many devices can't parse and display these files properly, and it is practically impossible to make any changes to these subtitles.

This tool takes your PGS files, extracts all the images from them, and then uses OCR to read the text from the images. When all that work is done the results are combined into a normal srt file that will work everywhere and that can be easily edited.

Subtitle language for OCR

This tool uses OCR (optical character recognition) to read the text from the images. OCR is only effective if it knows which language it is reading, which is why you'll be asked to confirm the language of the subtitle.