Convert Sub/Idx to Srt

Online tool for changing sub/idx subtitles to srt. Output is encoded in UTF-8. The converted subtitle file will begin downloading automatically after clicking the convert button.

To convert from other formats, use the convert to srt tool

Note: this tool doesn't work very well yet, it will be vastly improved within a month

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The sub file needs the accompanying idx file to be converted to srt


Converting sub/idx to srt online

Sub/Idx or VobSub format subtitles are usually extracted from DVDs. These subtitles always come in a pair, a sub file that contains picture of the subtitle text, and an idx file that contains information of when to show each picture of text. You need both the sub file and the idx file to use them, the subtitles are unusable if you only have one or the other. This online tool uses OCR to read the text in each picture, and then matches each line of text with the correct timestamp. Converting idx/sub to srt online can take up to 60 seconds, as long as you can see the page loading after clicking the convert button, please be patient. Because it takes a relatively long time to convert a VobSub file, they can only be uploaded one by one, and not inside an archive file.

Sub format

Sub/idx type subtitles use pictures of text to display subtitles on the screen. This works great if you want your subtitles to work on every tv in the world, regardless of what font or text encoding the tv uses. Using pictures to display the text also has downsides: editing the text is very hard, the files are relatively big, and the display quality can be low (especially on big screens). Nowadays the VobSub format isn't used that much anymore. A lot of newer devices such as smartphones and some smart TVs don't support sub/idx subtitles at all. This converter tool can be used to convert VobSub subtitles to srt so you can use them on any device.