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2021 recap

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Written by Sjors on 19 January, 2022

2021 is behind us, time for a recap.

This recap doesn't include data about visitors or pageviews, I don't collect that data. Subtitle Tools doesn't use Google Analytics or other 3rd-party tracking software. The only data I collect are anonymous statistics on how and how often tools are used.

Plain text tools

Most of the tools on the site work with plain text subtitles. Plain text means the subtitles are files with normal text inside, you can open them with Notepad and make changes.

These were the most popular plain text tools:

And unsurprisingly, the least used tool this year:

I made the Pinyin subtitles tool to help Chinese language learners. The tool converts Chinese subtitles to Pinyin, which is a phonetic alphabet for Chinese. It doesn't get used much because it is a niche tool. It also doesn't help that it is pretty difficult to find Chinese subtitles for Chinese tv-shows.

Subpicture tools

Subtitle Tools also converts subpictures to srt. A subpicture is a subtitle file that contains images of text. To convert subpictures to srt, we first have to extract all the images from the subpicture.

The second step to converting a subpicture is reading the text from the image. This is done using OCR software. OCRing is very CPU-intensive, it takes up an entire CPU-core, using 100% processing power until the work is done. In 2021, Subtitle Tools ran 3 additional servers to do all the OCR work.