I created subtitletools.com back in January 2017. A few months before that I met a girl while studying abroad in China. We enjoy watching movies together, but usually Chinese subtitles come in formats that wouldn't display correctly on our TV. I created a basic converter to fix this problem and put it on the internet. It turned out more people had this problem, and the site started organically attracting more and more visitors.

I've kept working on the site since then, mostly on tools I needed myself, but also on tools and features requested by users. It kind of snowballed since then, and now the website helps more than 75,000 unique users per month.


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Statistics for all time.

Keep in mind that not all statistics have been recorded since the beginning of time, so not all numbers are accurate.


Subpictures are subtitles that contain pictures. The "sub/idx converter" and the "sup converter" convert these subtitles to srt.

Since I've been recording these statistics, 513,903 subpicture files were uploaded (4.9 tb)

The tools extract the images from the subtitles, and then use OCR to read the text from the images.

Since I've been recording these statistics, 204,014,662 images were extracted and OCR'd (412.7 gb)

OCRing is hard work. When the OCR is running, it uses 100% of a CPU core until it is done. To support the heavy load, I spread out the work over multiple servers.

Since I've been recording these statistics, 27520 hours were spent OCRing

Plain text subtitles

The site supports a wide variety of plain text subtitles. The plain text subtitle tools include all tools, except the subpicture tools described above.

Since I've been recording these statistics, plain text tools were used 6,566,597 times

You can upload multiple files at the same time when using these tools.

Since I've been recording these statistics, a total of 13,535,868 files were uploaded (1.1 tb)