Convert batches of sub/idx subtitles to srt

The free sub/idx to srt converter is designed to convert one sub/idx file at the same time. However, if you have many sub/idx files, converting them one by one is an annoying and long process.

The sub/idx batch tool solves the problem of converting many sub/idx files at the same time. But, due to the heavy load this tool puts on the server, it is not free to use. You need to buy tokens to use the tool, you can buy 50 batch tokens for €9,95. You get a few free batch tokens when you register your account to try out the tool.

How does it work

The sub/idx batch tool makes it easy to convert many sub/idx files at the same time. It works roughly as follows:

  1. Create a new batch
  2. Upload your sub/idx files to the batch
    • There is no limit on how many files can be in one batch
    • There is no limit on the total file size of a batch
  3. Select the languages you want to extract from the sub/idx files
  4. Start the batch
    • You'll receive an email when the batch has finished
    • When finished the result of the batch will stay available for 14 days
  5. Download the srt files
    • You can also download them all at once as a zip